Normandy (Part 1): Bayeux, Airshow

We had a long (3-day) weekend in June for “ascension” day and we decided to make the most of it with a trip.  We decided on Normandy, unaware that it would be the 70th anniversary of World War II.  Just a week earlier, all the world leaders (including Obama!) was in Brussels for some summit, and now the same world leaders were gonna be in Normandy for the 70th Anniversary at the D-Day Beaches.  This was SUCH a wonderful trip – the weather was gorgeous, the scenes were dreamy, and the history was so rich.  Right after work on Friday night, we left Belgium and drove all the way to stop at Rouen for the night (where Joan of Arc was crucified!).  Unfortunately it was too late when we reached past midnight, and the next day it was rainy and gray (and we got up late) to see the town, so we skipped the town and drove on towards Bayeux.

I love being a passenger when driving in France.  Its soo beautiful!  So lush green everywhere,
and of course, beautiful castles and mansion like this one.

Famous french crepes!!!
Tom’s: Apple, Camembert cheese (normandy specialty), Bacon
Mine: GIZZARD (it was stinky!), potatoes and I don’t remember what cheese!
they were DELICIOUS.  the crepes were salty and a thicker version of dosa, and crispy and hot..YUM

the building of the museum where the world’s LONGEST tapestry is stored.
we stood in line for 15 mins, then found out we’d have to wait ANOTHER 20 mins to go in…
so we decided to skip to catch the AIR SHOW that afternoon (in celebration of end of WWII)

this church was SO beautiful.  when driving on the highway and road, you could see the high steeple,
reminding me of scenes (or rather my imagination)  from Pillars of the Earth.

a special bell built in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII





old and quaint European streets Smile


loved the atmosphere.  there were tourists EVERYWHERE.  SO lively.
a lot of Americans and French coming from USA and all over France to join the celebration
and the display of flags from all the countries of WWII

We got stuck in traffic at 3 and although the airshow was supposed to start at 4, it started at 3.30!!!!

this fleet of fighter jets flew OVER OUR CAR V LOW while we were stuck in traffic!!

We decided to just park nearby and enjoy the airshow from where we were…
It was AMAZING to see this show
(together with all the other people who were stuck in traffic and got out of car too Smile)

in the colours of france (and happens to be usa and uk colours too hehe)!

how cool is this!!!
a REAL surviving bunker from WWII

Too many pics… splitting our Day 1 to the next post…Smile



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  2. anne

    Iwant to go as well! so pretty

  3. grace

    Historic monuments are really beautiful

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