Yamayu Santatsu

This is the very first Japanese restaurant Tom took me to I think in my first month of arrival in Belgium when we wanted to splurge on Asian food.  We ended up spend over 60 Euros for just 10 pcs of sushi, a salmon dish and gyoza.  I remember feeling very very poor, and missing HK like crazy.

Since then, we vowed never to go back again (sushi quality was NOT great, salmon was – well, not special).  But then the other day we were in the neighbourhood and decided to give it another try by being more smart with choosing the items to order (we avoided their meh sushi, I mean, they don’t even have scallop, and the quality was just… meh).   We stuck to cooked food which is okay at 15 euros a dish (yes, it costs about 5 euros for the same in HK, but we’re in BE!) so I’m comparing 15 euros a Japanese dish to a 15 euros pasta,…. soo… I’d go for Asian any day haha.

140621 - Japanese - 1
About a stammering 8 euros for 5 pieces of tiny gyoza.  Was good, but I gotta make this at home now…

140621 - Japanese - 2140621 - Japanese - 3
We ordered a grilled salmon NECK (not in the menu) that came with rice.
And a KATSUDON!!! Tom’s favourite – Pork cutlets with scrambled egg.
Both were about 15 euros each, and since they are “main dishes” it was not bad in terms of BE pricing.
And decent portions too!

140621 - Japanese - 4
Salmon was …good but not great.  it wasn’t even crispy!
And the katsudon, it was good.  I gotta learn how to make that at home.
This must have been one time I did not order MISO SOUP for a japanese meal…cos
it cost over 5 euros for a little tiny bowl of MISO SO
Will we come back?  Not sure… Maybe come back to try the Chirashi bowl (which needs prior reservation).
Still in search of a better Jap place in Brussels!


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