Brunch @ Gaudron

We were introduced when we met up with friends who live in the same area.   Gaurdron is just a 7 mins drive from us, located in a cosy little square full of brunch places.  This place is not cheap.  An english breakfast costs 21 Euros for sausages, 2 eggs, tea/coffee, some bread and some very nice oven fried potato.  We figured, their best item is their PLATTER!!!  For 16 Euros you get a medium sized plate, you can choose whatever you want, as long as it fits into the plate!!  So you have to be very lucky with the server!! Like today, we had a server who was very sweet and nice and she fitted as much as she could, so kind!

140622 - Gaudron - 1
and we splurged on a smoothie…of like  euros *gulps* (all real fresh mango though!)

140622 - Gaudron - 3
tom’s 16 euro platter. 
140622 - Gaudron - 2
My bigger 21 Euro platter.  I think this is a PRETTY good deal!!!
In a restaurant, that same salmon steak ALONE would be almost 15 Euros!
Not to mention all these food are freshly prepared cooked food.  not just cold meats u throw together.
We had beautifully cooked asparagus, very delicious roast chicken leg,
and I LOVE the QUINOA here.  a grain I didn’t eat before coming to Europe actually.
The top corner is the quinoa.
And they even had a nice meat cake with a thai flavour (lots of lemon grass!)



The one thing NOT nice about the place is the service.  its could be a lot more friendly and the atmosphere could be a lot…warmer.

Would we come back?  I think so, once in a blue moon to eat a full brunc(guilty pleasure) , and the quinoa! Smile


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