Scenes from Rome

Recently, a friend asked “ what’s your dream holiday destination “?  And my mind was – blank.  I don’t know.  I never thought about it.  And my first thought was our first roadtrip together – to Italy.  It was my first time to see the country side and summer in Europe.  And the strangest thing is – I don’t think I ever consciously dreamt of Italy.  And I realized its simply cos I didn’t dare to dream.  These are the stuff that dreams are made of, and I never dared to imagine I would go visit a place so beautiful, that was “faraway”, in books and movies.  Tuscany stole my heart, and of course, the fact that that trip was our big break makes it so special too.  We had had some rocky time in our relationship with the stress of long distance.  But 6 months after our trip to Tuscany, T asked me to marry him Smile

Anyways, now I digress.  So when I got to go on a trip for training to Italy, I felt so humbled and fortunate and blessed.  So grateful to my parents, to life, to my husband.  I had never imagined I would visit this country , again!   I stayed at a hotel near work, but every single day after work, I went to town.  Even my clients had days where they stayed in to watch the world cup, but no, me, I’m in ITALY, I’m going to explore!!! Smile

140622 - Rome - 1140622 - Rome - 2
140622 - Rome - 3
this was very spooky… see that foamy line?  its ANOTHER aeroplane!  so close to ours I could see it!

140623 - Rome - 4
The church at the top of the famous Spanish steps were under restoration

140623 - Rome - 5
the first site we visited after work.  I missed Tom terribly.

140623 - Rome - 6
140623 - Rome - 10
look at those old fashioned windows.  somehow it works here!
reminds me of BOW BAZAAR , granny and granddad’s old place.

140623 - Rome - 11
140623 - Rome - 12
140623 - Rome - 14
140623 - Rome - 19140623 - Rome - 23
140623 - Rome - 21

140623 - Rome - 24
140623 - Rome - 17
the TREVI FOUNTAIN was ALSO under restoration!!!!!
Wow, if you came to Rome this year / summer as a tourist – you’d be BUMMED!

140623 - Rome - 18
140623 - Rome - 25140623 - Rome - 28
love these colourful buildings – and I wonder how often they paint it cos they are still so clean!

140623 - Rome - 27
I remember this square.  Tom tried to take a picture of me pushing the pillars.
I remember we tried for like 5 mins and he said : GOT IT!!!!
and when I saw the pic I just laughed cos it was nowhere near got it!! haha!

140623 - Rome - 32
140623 - Rome - 35
The Pantheon – everything was closed by the time I visited after work
140623 - Rome - 37
only in Italy would pink/coral building actually look beautifully normal and authentic? Smile

140623 - Rome - 40
the famous Piazza Navona!!
140623 - Rome - 41
140623 - Rome - 30140623 - Rome - 43
140623 - Rome - 44
140623 - Rome - 45
140623 - Rome - 47
140624 - Rome - 49
Last time we didn’t come to this square, but saw it form the top of the Vatican.
It looks much smaller when you’re IN the square.

140624 - Rome - 51
140624 - Rome - 54
140624 - Rome - 57
140624 - Rome - 59
140624 - Rome - 61
140624 - Rome - 60

140624 - Rome - 62
the area of Trilussa.
that building is SO OLD and worn – but somehow it looks so rustic and authentic and beautiful!

140624 - Rome - 64
the ceiling of a teeny tiny church in the square above (with the worn and rustic building!)

When I was young, I used to love drinking coffee.  Perhaps cos we did not drink coffee at home, and whenever we went to JR for tea/snacks, I’d ask to have coffee.  When I was in toronto, I continued to drink coffee!  But somehow, when I lived in HK, that stopped.  of course- cos there was something even better and healthier – ICED LEMON TEA.

Since we’ve been living in Europe –  wow people drink coffee a LOT.  All my colleagues at work – drink several cups a day – and VERY BAD COFFEE TOO!!  I hate it cos when you come near them… their breath is fullllll of COFFEE!  So my colleagues think I don’t like coffee since im probably the only person not drinking coffee – but its just that I don’t like BAD coffee.  When I think of coffee, I think of very strong coffee from Jimmy’s Restaurant.  But now that I know it was just nescafe powder –  I guess as a child, it was relatively strong!

So when we were in italy – the canteen had a HUGE coffee bar (picture below).  And after the meal, EVERY ONE will go have a café at this bar.  A “café” was a very small cup of coffe – it’s literally like 1 sip.  Maybe 2.  And I tried it – and LOVED IT!! Oh my goodness!!! I felt like I was 13 drinking coffee at JR!!!  Sooo strong and sooo aromatic and goood!!!  On the contrary, my clients/colleagues took one sip and almost choked “OMG THIS IS SO STRONG” !

140625 - Rome - 65
the huge coffee bar.
for the first time ever, I had a small Italian café after EVERY lunch.  it was YUMMY.

And the lunch was also very good –
you get to choose a first course, second course and side dish , and fruits / yoghurt!!
now that’s’ what I call lunch! Smile

140626 - Rome - 66
After eating Italian everyday for lunch and dinner, my client and I decided to try this Indian recommended by Nathalie.
It was pretty good, and yummy – my asian soul was really longing for asian food Smile
Thanks Nathalie for the recommendation!

140626 - Rome - 67
140626 - Rome - 70

This time round in Italy, I did notice that the economy was bad.  My trainer was a very young and very very smart young man, I felt bad he was at that office.  The office was HUGE , but most buildings were empty – it felt like a dying place.  Because our hotel was in the suburb, we took the metro/bus a lot, and saw a lot of poverty.  This great country where all the fanciest brand names are from – it’s a little bit sad to see the reality.  My trainer told me that all his peers (people in their 20s) would like to move abroad, for better work opportunities, better pay, for development.  It was so good to talk to a local (he was from Rome too), and understand more of the life here.

It was a short and intensive 5 days.  I missed Tom terribly and was very happy to get back to Brussels despite this beautiful city.


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