June Randoms

This month we visited Normandy.  Soon after, Tom went to China on a biz trip where he got to drive every guy’s dream car:

140718 - June - 12
140620 - June - 2
Since Tom was in China for the entire week,
Nathalie and Aunt Nitin so kindly invited me to dinner on Firday evening
So sweet!
140620 - June - 3
the food in this indian place is not bad for being in Belgium.
but the real stars we will keep coming back for – the PISTACHIO KULFI!!!
And a real indian CHAI
( I can’t believe Starbucks has something called “Chai” that has nothing to do with Chai… maybe its from another word?)

140621 - June - 4
140622 - June - 5140622 - June - 6
we saw the first worldcup match of Belgium at the airport!!!
140701 - June - 8
we went to our neighourhood square to see Belgium vs USA!!!
WHAT an exciting match!!!  o that Howard Howard Howard!

140701 - June - 9
140702 - June - 10
Victory!!!!  TOUS ENSEMBLE TOUS ENSEMBLE!! (meanign altogether altogether!)
140702 - June - 11

Wow it was SO FUN to be in a country with a worldcup team!!! And a great team too…
I mean… Belgium is a tiiiiiny country of 10 million and we got into the SEMI-FINALS!!!


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