Happy 2nd Anniversary

I can’t believe it’s already TWO year’s since we stood in front of family and friends and became husband and wife.  It feels like only ONE year,and I suppose that makes sense since we’ve only been living together for one year.  So this celebration is for 2 year of marriage and 1 AMAZING year of living together Smile

T was in China during our anniversary and immediately after that I was in Rome.  I kinda assumed our trip to Normandy was a kind of celebration.  But after I got back from Rome, Tom made a reservation and insisted we dedicate an evening to celebrate our 2nd anniversary.  It was so fun!  It was Friday evening, I came home early and T was not home yet – so I got to shower, dress up, and put on make-up ALONE!  Meaning, when he got home, it was like a Ta-Da!!!!  Just like a date when you only see yoru date when you pick them up and not the whole process of getting ready!  The restaurant was in a nearby town, it was v cosy and flemish (no french menu even!).  The food was good for the price, but we decided next time we save a little more to splurge on Spaans Daak.

T also surprised me with something special ( *I’ll share when it happens sometime in Oct* )

140704 - Happy Anniversary - 1
140704 - Happy Anniversary - 2
140704 - Happy Anniversary - 3
MY starter, with yummy watermelon foam
140704 - Happy Anniversary - 4
140704 - Happy Anniversary - 7140704 - Happy Anniversary - 10
140704 - Happy Anniversary - 13
tom’s duck with BEAUTIFULLY cooked asparagus
140704 - Happy Anniversary - 14
140704 - Happy Anniversary - 15
the best part – the dessert.
oh, that blob of minty ice-cream, it was JUST made – SO light.
140704 - Happy Anniversary - 16140704 - Happy Anniversary - 18
140704 - Happy Anniversary - 17
Very Happy 2nd Anniversary again, Love!


One comment

  1. anne

    wow, you look so nice in red dress! happy anniversary lily and Tom! very happy for you guys!

    btw, where did u get that dress?

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