Leuven: A day trip with friends to Tom’s hometown

I just love it when last minute plans fall into place so beautifully.  Life in Hong Kong was always last minute.   You whatsapp / msg someone: Free for dinner tonight?  how about lunch tmr? In brussels: Free for dinner on xyz day??  Let us check our calender/agenda!

No kidding – one thing I really don’t like and am NOT used to – making plans MONTHS in advance – for just a dinner or outing…!  Kinda hard for me!!  So when Yuhin msged on weekday: we’re planning to come to Leuven this weekend, not even sure fri/saturday, so sorry for the last minute notice! haha, u can imagine, I suddenly felt SO “asian” / “city” / dynaimc again!!  We didn’ have any plan (yay!), AND Friday or saturday? no problem, just msg us couple hrs before you come is fine too! Smile

We met Yuhin and Julia in Leuven.  Yuhin proposed to do a picnic (LOVE picnics!), so after we met up we went to supermarket and got fruits, parma ham, chorizo, bread, chicken wings, rose, juice… yumm

This was such a lovely day.  The weather was beautiful, the company just awesome.  It felt so good to hang out with Asian friends again.  Julia is from Korea and only moved to the Nederlands couple years ago.  And Yuhin – he’s like Tom & I, Chinese origin born in a “foreign” country.   There was just something so at-ease about being with real Asian friends again.  We even shared food (without the “May I ?”!!) and had the same questions like is that museum free? haha!!  but most of all,  I really felt like they could not just understand but actually feel us.  The never-ending feeling of the question of “belonging”.  You are neither here nor there.  To love the calm and organized west, while desiring the dynamic and vibrant east.  It’s like a tug of “war”, except you actually want and wish you could live in both worlds.  Just feeling torn between both worlds.  We shared our dreams and doubts I really hope they can reach their dream soon!  Here are a few of the pics from this lovely day.

140726 - Leuven - 2 and this was our picnic spot!  nice , no? 140726 - Leuven - 1 PIcnic menu: parma ham with melon, strawberries, chorizo, boiled eggs, chicken wings, bread, some bread spread. and do you see that beautiful bright and HAPPY picnic mat?? its not a picnic Mat – what we have – table clothes-  are picnic mats. they bought this picnic QUILT last year and were waiting to use it!!! haha it was so funny this picnic quilt was AWESOME!!! it was water proof below , and it was CUSHIONY and SOFT!!! thinking to splurge on one…… and whats more in such a happy colour!

140726 - Leuven - 3 Wow this is one stylish and chic couple!!! They were dressed in summer holiday clothing, with shades and all – and even COLOUR coordinated!!! simply adorable!

140727 - Leuven - 33 140726 - Leuven - 4 140726 - Leuven - 5 Thanks so much for taking pics too Julia!Smile 140726 - Leuven - 6140726 - Leuven - 7 140726 - Leuven - 8140726 - Leuven - 11 140726 - Leuven - 12 140726 - Leuven - 14140726 - Leuven - 15 140726 - Leuven - 16140727 - Leuven - 36 140726 - Leuven - 17 the most beautiful letterbox in the world!!!

140726 - Leuven - 18140726 - Leuven - 20 140726 - Leuven - 19 140726 - Leuven - 21140726 - Leuven - 22 140726 - Leuven - 23140726 - Leuven - 24 this is a very special belgian beer! 140726 - Leuven - 25140726 - Leuven - 27 my shrimp with garlic/tomato sauce on the left. Tom’s “American’ sauce ribs (basically honey bbq… noone except tom liked it haha!) 140726 - Leuven - 26 Julia and I shared the shrimps and this garlic flavoured ribs. Love that these guys share! so Asian! 140726 - Leuven - 28 can you see there are actually 2 racks of these ribs? a kind of western chillie sauce – pretty good too. 140727 - Leuven - 37140727 - Leuven - 38 love these pics from Julia. 140726 - Leuven - 29140726 - Leuven - 30 140726 - Leuven - 31 140726 - Leuven - 32 and ending with a satirical plate in the restaurant! Smile looking forward to many more city trips between Belgium and Nederlands and who knows where else!



  1. I love Leuven! you’ve captured it so beautifully!

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