Milan: The Awful Day

This is the only pic we have from my photostream from Milan.

Milan was a big disappointment.  We arrived with a booking for 35Euros for a “business” hotel” .  We wondered how could it be so cheap, perhaps we got a last minute deal?  It was just an apartment in a building off the major shopping area.  A woman opened the door, she was very strict about verifying our booking (via and then proceeded to tell us that all rooms were booked – but she had an apartment in city centre and we could take a look without any obligation.  We thought, why not.


The apartment was very nice, close to downtown, in a residential / university area.  We left our things and then visited the big church you see below.  The church was STUNNING.  ABSOLUTELY STUNNING.  I would say this is the ONLY attraction here – cos on the way to church – we walked through the town – and the city looked DILAPIDATED.  Lots of empty worn down buildings, previously grand hotels, or office buildings – now just empty and looking very tattered and dodgy.


Anyways, towards the evening the woman msged us and told us there will be 3 chinese students taking the second room.  They arrived quite late  – they were nice.  Their bedroom lock was somehow jammed, and tom spent half an hour helping them open it.  The next morning, tom woke up earlier (as usual), and found the girls had left with a note of 5 complains – 1. NO WIFI.  2. NO TOWELS, so they couldn’t shower 3. NO extra quilts and it was freezing at night 4. they had to pay more here than the original booking at the building 5.  NO ELECTRICITY.

When I got up and Tom told me, we bought agreed we should leave, that was too much.  and we left an envelope for the night’s stay and left.  The woman was supposed to come pick up the 2 nights fees at 10am.  we left at 11 am without any word from her!!  Jeez.  I couldn’t help but wonder if she was renting out someone else’s apartment…


It was very disappointing and sad to see MILAN  – the fashion capital – the city of PRADA, and all the italian brands – so worn , like a city who’s lost its glory.  it was no where near Paris’  big shopping street.  It was just…. sad.




Anyways – this was the day we got ROBBED.  To keep a long story short, we just got on the highway when a car pulled up to tell us our tyre just burst.  At the same moment, our car system was also telling that.   The couple said they knew a mechanic just off the highway – and since we needed to get off the highway anyways, we decided to take the first exit – a few metres away.   once off the highway, Tom even told these pple – we’ll call our insurance company, don’t need to waste your time, but they still insisted to “help”.  And while they distracted us to fill some gas into the tyre, I was standing and looking, and then he insisted than I kneel down to follow too.  And in that moment we lost view of the entire car, and the woman stole from the other door of the car.

Just as suddenly the wanted to leave and I remember thinking it so fishy .  The entire time.  I even wanted at some point to tell Tom.  When the tow truck arrived – the FIRST question he asked was – IS SOMETHING MISSING FROM YOUR CAR.  Apparently it’s a very very common thing to happen!  The next day, the woman at the tow truck company even told us there is a tv show documented on tehse tricks and how well they work.  We felt so stupid but also quite scared and shaken up, as we realized its better they took things without harming us.  So that’s how I lost my iphone (for the second time, the first one pickpocketed), and my camera + 2 lenses.

I still don’t have a new camera but I miss it terribly.  It was a gift from Tom, he gave me something that even I didn’t think I would love so much.  Basically he knew me better than I know myself.  Luckily we only had the pictures of Milan on the camera.  And every other picture taken with the camera is here with us.   So I can’t wait to share it soon.



Anyways, I wanted to start the recap of our roadtrip with the most awful day – because it was the most awful day and I wanted to get it OVER with.  Because the rest of the trip – was just perfect.  Really.  And we’re thankful that we’re safe and sound, and it’s a lesson we learn, to be more careful and wary.  So that’s it for this most awful day.  The best is yet to come! Smile


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