Italia: Verona

This was one of the most romantic days, even though  it started with a disappointing visit to the town of …. FERRARI.  this stop was a RIPOFF.  You were not even allowed to sit in a car, and the simulation still cost like 30 euros for 15 mins!  And for some reason, it was all about Ferrari in SAN FRANCISCO.

140824 - Verona - 1
140824 - Verona - 10
140824 - Verona - 3
some 30 euros for 15 mins Sad smile we passed.
140824 - Verona - 13140824 - Verona - 14
total rip off!

140824 - Verona - 15

After the museum, we dropped by a Chinese restaurant for lunch – food was bad (worse than my poor cooking).  But the restaurant itself was very elaborate and pretty.  And the owner shared with us his story.  He came here illegally about 18 years ago.  By boat.  His wife joined him later.  Also illegally.  He first worked in factories, it wasn’t until 2 years ago that he bought this restaurant.  And now, he’s just sold this restaurant.  They bought property and land back in their home town in China.  The family was going to move back – with their two young daughters. His son was at the cashier.  He was about 16 and was no longer in school.  He wanted to stay behind in Italy.  The owner said : sure, he should go out and do his thing, see how tough life can be, typical Chinese Smile He said economy was very bad, future for his kids in Italy looked dark.  All youngsters in Italy are going abroad today.  That’s why he was moving back.  It inspired me.  Those days, taking the risk, getting on a boat, to who knows where, and that too without papers – all in search of a better life.

140824 - Verona - 16140824 - Verona - 17
this lantern reminded me of Jimmy’s kitchen.
and this ceiling had beautiful carved designs

140824 - Verona - 19
VERONA!  Wow city of Romeo and Julieeeet!!!!
140824 - Verona - 21
what a HUGE coliseum!!! and one that is STILL IN USE!
140824 - Verona - 22
140824 - Verona - 25
walking around town – wow the effort taken to build this design!
and to think this is often the design on bags and purses recently !

140824 - Verona - 26
140824 - Verona - 27
140824 - Verona - 28
do you see our writing LILY and TOM in yellow and red? Smile
140824 - Verona - 31
the tiny cutesy little courtyard of Romeo and Juliet!  it was v cute!
140824 - Verona - 34140824 - Verona - 35
140824 - Verona - 37
140824 - Verona - 38
140824 - Verona - 39

When we were in Bologna, Tom said we can go see a show cos a festival is going on in Verona!  Alright!!  So first thing when we arrived was to buy a ticket – the cheapest one for about 27 euros – for the opera playing that night.  I’ve always wanted to see an opera, and this would be a first!   “How long is the opera?”, we asked the receptionist.  “ 4 hours”.  what??? 4 hours?? shit but we already got the tickets – are we gonna enjoy this or not?? we’ve never been to an opera before!  Yikes, 4 hours seemed like a looong time.

Well, 4 hours FLEW!!!  There were about 3 acts, and a 20 minute break between each act.  And the opera – the BEST and most ROMANTIC experience.  We downloaded the english translation from the internet to follow the story.  The best part was that we did not know the story to this opera  – so we were on the edge of our seats – whats next?


THis was such a beautiful and magical experience, I couldn’t have asked for more.  In the city of Romeo and Juliet-  in a REAL Roman Coliseum, and a real Italian Opera!  WOW.  It was magical, we just sat there – in the outdoors, on these steps that were over 2000 years old.  ANd there were NO microphones!!! the singers sang just like that – filling an open coliseum of 20-30,000 people!!!  it was AMAZING.  The whole crowd would just hush and go into silence once the opera started.   And to top it off – the opera team did a collaboration with local organizations – so there was also a beautiful Ballet Dance in the opera!!!

140824 - Verona - 43
everyone got these little candles to light and hold and the opening. 
140824 - Verona - 45
the WHOLE stage had elaborate SET props!  so much was put into it!

140824 - Verona - 46
watching an Italian opera – in a real roman Coliseum built B.C.! in the city of Romeo and Juliet!

140824 - Verona - 47
a local ballet production was integrated into one of the acts
140824 - Verona - 48
yup, even trained horses!
140825 - Verona - 49
the seats in the front!! they were as much as 400 euros!!! people were dressed in gowns, red carpet style!
photographers and paparazzi was there on the ground floor too for all the stars who were coming Smile

140825 - Verona - 50

Oh what a beautiful romantic day with my love.


One comment

  1. tomandlily

    One more story to tell here, though it’s a bit of a “shitty” story 😉
    So back in Bologna, Lily had found this Danish HEMA like shop, and very bright coloured sunglasses. And in Verona, it was the first time to really wear it. We had just parked in the parking lot, and before going in to explore the city, we thought to take a sanitary stop, at the local Burger King. As I was waiting for Lily to come out, I suddenly heard her scream (!). Apparently, she had dropped her brand new sunglasses…into the loo! I thought of just taking it out, but was stopped Immediately with YUK YUK shouts by Lily. Haha, so here ends the story of the FIRST sunglasses bought in Italy 🙂

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