Return via Switzerland & France

After Lake Garda, we visited Milan where we were robbed.  So on our way home, we only had a iphone4 for pictures. We drove through Switzerland – WOW .  I’d love to come back here.  Everything was BREATHtaking.   The light was soft and beautiful, the grass was a rich green, like a velvet carpet, and the rolling mountains and hills…. they just took your breath away.

140829 - Switzerland France - 1
140829 - Switzerland France - 3
140829 - Switzerland France - 12
we had fondue for dinner here.

140829 - Switzerland France - 13
All evening the restaurant challenged people to blow the alpine horn – and you would get a free ice cream.
Almost eeryone tried, one after the other – with no success.
Finally it was my turn… will I succeed or fail to blow this gigantic horn???

And as a result of my success, he offered free icecream to EVERYONE!!! Yipee!!!

Tom attempted the small horn  Smile

140830 - Switzerland France - 17

140829 - Switzerland France - 9

iphone 4 does not do this villlage justice – it was heavenly.  the entire interlaken area.
140830 - Switzerland France - 16
140830 - Switzerland France - 20
passing by beautiful COLMAR in france.  about 5 hrs drive from Belgium, perhaps we can come back for visit?

140830 - Switzerland France - 18
This was at the border of france …. and immideately after crossing the border…

Belgium welcomed us home with this weather:

140830 - Switzerland France - 22

It was a simply amazing and glorious 2 weeks despite the robbery.  I never imagined or dreamt to see these sights, but of course, the best part of it was sharing it with T.  Tom you open my heart and mind to things I would normally not do nor dare to dream.  And stop and smell the flowers and enjoy the sun and grass.  I didn’t think a roadtrip could could beat our first trip to Italy – but now I realize – it only gets better.  ❤

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