A Dream Come True

A couple years ago, on one of those chats with Leena, I said I was saving our trip to California for when we can ALL go together.  “That’s never gonna happen” was the reply.   Why not?  Different school systems with different holiday periods, work schedules, the usuals.  But I can wait, I’m not in a rush.  Whereas before I spent my 14 meager holidays  to visit T, I knew that once we were living together, I wanted to visit family more.  And this year, T made this happen by just buying the tickets.  No visa, minimal discussions, just a  credit card and 2 expensive tickets from BRU to SF.

It was a trip of a lifetime.  No, the trip wasn’t without incident, as we fought like only siblings can.  I realized sadly, that we fight not because we are all so different.  But because we spend so little time together, that we do not realize we are so different,  and we’re not used to the difference or don’t even know it.  Cos we have not been able to grow together in our youth, and in some cases our childhood.   It saddened me to realized this.

And it seemed, in the blink of an eye, it was time to part.  You think that you’d get used to this parting. Good-byes.  See you again… not sure when.  But I have not gotten used to it.  If anything, the older I’ve grown, the more I feel, and the more painful it has been to part.  Each.  Time.

We laughed, and sang, and ate and hung out just as we did when we were all younger.  Just as we would if we all lived in the same place.  I feel sad that we are all so far away, but it also makes me happy that atl east 3 of you are in the same state.  I wish we could all be in the same place.  I wish we could do “normal” things together weekly instead of cramming in 2 weeks every oh so many years.   I wish we could  celebrate birthdays together, check out new restaurants together every month , eat dim sum together every Sunday, and have hot-pot every week in winter and hunt for the best Indian and Hakka food together.  It would be a lot of food together.

But for now, I will just wish, and hope, that we do not wait too long to be together again.

141220 - Fishemans Wharf - 39

Lily .



  1. anne

    my dear lily, i can feel your happiness about this trip and understand what you are saying. although I am not your siblings, but I do miss you and the time we hung out together. Times flies right?


  2. thank you for the sweet words anne. YES time is flying right now. scary and makes me feel a little sad. long gone of our days in wong tai sin eating “ai mai” and “tong ling zha” .

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