2015 January–Celebrating the big 3.0., Cologne, Monchau

The weekend before my big birthday, Tom took me on a surprise weekend getaway.  I didn’t know where we were going, until we were almost there… in Koln.

This city was a bit of a disappointment.  They had the BIGGEST cathedral I had ever seen – and the dirtiest.  It was their only attraction and it was filthy.  They are now restoring it, but it’s gonna cost fortunes, and probably take 20 years.  What’s worse, it’s right next to the train station, so all cars and trains go by it, polluting it.  The city was quite dead as it was a Sunday and everything was closed and it was freezing, and yet, it felt so romantic walking down empty lanes, tucked in your arms.

All iphone photos this time..!

1501 - 21501 - 9

1501 - 101501 - 8

1501 - 41501 - 5

On the return drive, Tom insisted we drop by a little town called Monchau.  I am SO GLAD we did.  It is THE Prettiest, quaintest, little town I’ve ever been to.  It looked like time had literally STOPPED here.  It looked like Santa might live here with his whole team of toy manufacturers.  We learnt it also has the biggest Christmas market, and when we were there, shops were still selling Christmassy things.  I think they do all year round.

1501 - 17
1501 - 161501 - 19
1501 - 13

1501 - 25
oh I love this new bag!
1501 - 26
1501 - 27
1501 - 281501 - 30
1501 - 21

On my birthday!!! It was a week day.  I left work early, and splurged on a haircurl at the salon!  And then came home and got all dressed up.  Its silly but I love doing this, being dressed and ready without Tom for the ta-da effect.  When we were in Asia, we were always on long distance, so we were always staying with each other when we were together.  But tonight, I had enough time to be ready – well, almost except for the red lipstick Smile .

1501 - 311501 - 32
1501 - 331501 - 41
1501 - 35
first time in a MIchelin star restaurant!!! I have to say since we were in Europe, we were paying for the “Exotic”
factor rather than the food itself.  And the fact that there were more servers than customers also made me feel
like we were paying for excessive service not the food.  Everything was ridiculously overpriced.
But the cooked food WAS REALLKY GOOD.  They were all cooked so PRECISELY.  To the right texture, temperature.
I mean, I don’t even like sweet potato, and I loved the sweet potato dessert – cooked till it melts in your mouth but not mushy.

1501 - 371501 - 38
1501 - 40
NOT at all chewy – just perfectly tender with every. single. bite.

1501 - 451501 - 47
and then 2 days later we celebrated Nathalie’s big 30! Smile

Ah, usually we don’t do much, but loved the travel, the food, the meetup.  Happy Birthday to me again. Hee hee. 


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