South of Spain Roadtrip: Malaga

In March, we decided quite last minute, to take a break and go another roadtrip.   And also thanks to Nathalie for pushing us to go here!!! Such a good recommendation.  As usual, Tom took the action to buy the tickets and off we went.  The departure was a bit stressful, I thought I didn’t need my passport cos I have a Belgian ID, and then – at the check-in – they demanded the passport!!!  So tom quickly took a taxi and went back home, and had to be back in an hour – we made it luckily.  But the strange thing  was – on the way BACK – we did NOT need my passport!!!  They didn’t even check ID at all in Spain!  Anyways, good lesson learn for me – always travel with my Indian Passport regardless of what IDs I have!

We arrived in Malaga, and I didn’t expect much, since a lot of travel blogs/ reviews recommended to skip this city.  But as there was the Easter Parade happening, we decided to spend the day of arrival and overnight here.   it was FUN!!!   Wow I LOVED the atmosphere!!!  Like Asia!!! even the policemen and volunteers were very jolly and kind while crowd controlling!!!   And there were SO MANY elderly people – I loved seeing so many old people – all DRESSED up, and enjoying the parade and the atmosphere.

150403  - Malaga - 1
150403  - Malaga - 3150403  - Malaga - 4
narrow winding streets in downtown

150403  - Malaga - 2150403  - Malaga - 5
you had to buy a ticket in advance to get a seat to watch the parade.
I always wondered about the pretty chalkboard writing and finally saw someone actually WRITING!

150403  - Malaga - 7150403  - Malaga - 6
we were craving for asian and ate at a thai fast food – it was not bad!
the coolest thing – seeing a grown up couple share a plate , even a drink!!!
in my time in Europe – this NEVER happens!!!  people very very seldome will share a noodle
and definitely NOT a drink and no I doubt it was for budget reason.

150403  - Malaga - 9
the beautiful stands  are carried entirely by men.
These stands usually have a place in the church when not in parade.
it reminded me of Durga Puja and Dusherra, and I forgot the other parade that happens in Calcutta.

150403  - Malaga - 10150403  - Malaga - 11
150403  - Malaga - 13150403  - Malaga - 14
150403  - Malaga - 16150403  - Malaga - 18
150403  - Malaga - 17
I don’t think I’ll ever tire of visiting stunning churches. 

150403  - Malaga - 20150403  - Malaga - 24
150403  - Malaga - 21150403  - Malaga - 22
150403  - Malaga - 23
150403  - Malaga - 25
haven’t seen a crowd like this since Asia.
150403  - Malaga - 27
goat cheese with a crispy top and sugarcane honey on top of a slice of egg plant and I don’t remember what!
it was SO GOOOOOD!

we followed a recommendation in the rough guide for a tapas bar.
it was a teeny tiny place OVERFLOWING with people, mostly standing with a drink in their hands.
we managed to get a seat at the bar – and just ordered what our neighbours were eating.

150403  - Malaga - 29
this was our favourite – some kind of peppers deep fried with a lot of salt.
not at all spicy – just tangy and super super delicious.

150403  - Malaga - 28150411 - Malaga -17
mussels in a kind of stew and of course – sangria!

The roadtrip route was a circle starting and ending at Malaga, and these were from the last day in Malaga:

150411 - Malaga -5
150411 - Malaga -6
150411 - Malaga -7
150411 - Malaga -8150411 - Malaga -15
these PACO JOSE chips tasted just like FRESH FRIED ALU CHIPS from calcutta.
the kind you have to finish in 2 days cos it goes stale after that!

150411 - Malaga -10
never eaten an ice-cream like this.  the chocolate one was taken out form the freezer.
but it tasted like a chocolate souffle/mouse – SO fluffy and not cold at all, just cool.

150411 - Malaga -11
the real san jose?  we didn’t visit san jose in SPain though.
150411 - Malaga -12
Seeing this sign brought back childhood memories.
my favourite piano piece I learned is by Albeniz, a spanish composer and here is a theatre named after him

Can’t wait to share the rest of the trip  – a trip of a lifetime.
I say that for every trip, I know, but it FEELS like that for every trip.


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