South of Spain Roadtrip: Sevilla (Part 1)

Sevilla!  We heard SO MUCH about you from Nathalie and Sophie who did her exchange here for one semester.  And for some strange reason – I thought sevilla was a teeny tiny town like Ronda.  An idyllic little Spanish town – it was FAR from that!!!  We stayed at a hotel outside of town which was considerably more economical, and used the budget on –FOOD instead (what else!?).   The day we arrived, the Easter Parade was still on.   The city was FULL.  Full of warmth, excitement, cosiness.  It reminded me of Hong Kong on a festive day – except still less crowded and with room to breathe.   But it was the LIVELIEST I’ve seen in Europe!

We watched a bit of the parade – and then just wandered around the old town through its charming never ending winding lanes.  The city was SO FULL of beautiful mosque-like buildings.  Reminded so much of palaces that I imagined when studying history of India.

150404 - Ronda -43150404 - Ronda -44150404 - Ronda -46
150404 - Ronda -53
150404 - Ronda -49150404 - Ronda -58
150404 - Ronda -52

150404 - Ronda -60
yup, this is the liveliest European city I’ve been to!
150404 - Ronda -63

And the best part??  They are NIGHT people!!! hahahahha a mini little Hong Kong.  A lot of restaurants opened only at 8pm!  I found La Azotea on this food blog. – it was SO WORTH IT!!!!   If you every go to Sevilla – you MUST eat here!  The restaurant was small, we got the high seat right there by the door.  We ate SO WELL, for prices that were similar to Asia! (actually I think for our main dish, u would never get this in Asia for this price!)

150404 - Ronda -65150404 - Ronda -72150404 - Ronda -66
beautifully cooked artichokes with spanish jambon

150404 - Ronda -67150404 - Ronda -70
Left: Pork Cheek in red wine reduction topped with goat cheese that was SO beautifully melted just right!
Right: we ordered this one late when we felt not yet full – deep fried fish, more simple.

150404 - Ronda -69
it was enough to server as a main dish for one person quite full.
SOOOO beautifully cooked – can’t emphasise this enough.
You could cut through the beef in one go – reminded me exactly of the fancy beef tom took me to eat
in the japanese restaurant for my birthday.
and it came with a PICKLED MUSHROOM SAUCE – SO GOOOOOD.  didn’t know you could pickle
mushrooms like this.  Man, I would have gone back again for this dish alone if it weren’t that
it was closed the next day.

150404 - Ronda -71
DESSERT: Mint sorbet in an orange sauce – this orange sauce reminded me of mom’s pudding.
topped with GINGER flavoured ice.

150404 - Ronda -79
the crowd at around 11pm.

150404 - Ronda -75150405 - Sevilla -3

The third day – we visited the church.  We hesitated – I mean we’ve seen SO MANY churches.  But in the last minute decided to go for it – NO REGRETS.  MUST go to this church if you visit Sevilla!  There were MULTIPLE room after room of little chapels with astonishingly stunning ceilings and intricate altars!  It was like visiting an exhibition of churches!

150404 - Ronda -55
150406 - Sevilla -5
150405 - Sevilla -4150406 - Sevilla -10
THIS was the main altar!
150406 - Sevilla -11
150406 - Sevilla -6150406 - Sevilla -7
150406 - Sevilla -9
150406 - Sevilla -19150406 - Sevilla -14
insanely beautifully carved pillars telling biblical stories.
150406 - Sevilla -15150406 - Sevilla -24
150406 - Sevilla -16
150406 - Sevilla -17
All around this one room, the walls were carved like this!
150406 - Sevilla -21150406 - Sevilla -22
and room after room of these ceilings.

150406 - Sevilla -29
view from the church – do you see the spanish bull arena ?

150406 - Sevilla -43
150406 - Sevilla -35150406 - Sevilla -38
endless winding little lanes
150406 - Sevilla -36150406 - Sevilla -39
150406 - Sevilla -37150406 - Sevilla -41
peek behind the main gates into their pretty little courtyards.
150406 - Sevilla -47
we entered this relatively simple looking tiny church and were greeted by golden alters:
150406 - Sevilla -45150406 - Sevilla -46
150406 - Sevilla -49

150406 - Sevilla -50
150406 - Sevilla -51
150406 - Sevilla -53
And this night, we followed a lousy recommendation from Lonely Planet – everything was expensive and no good.
Except for this beef – it was well cooked but the specialty was the sweet red sherry sauce.  Very Spanish.


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