South of Spain Roadtrip: Granada Part 1

After Cordoba, we drove towards GRANADA.  how grand does this name sound?  Tom was set on taking me hiking.  We passed endless olive groves on the highway, till we reached a hiking route.

150409 - Granada -2
endless olive groves!
150409 - Granada -4
150409 - Granada -3
150409 - Granada -10
SOME hiking route – it looked super dangerous!!!

150409 - Granada -6
150409 - Granada -11150409 - Granada -15
and then he wanted us to go through this narrow ledge to the other side.
until the ledge was so narrow, T finally agreed its dangerous.  duh. 

150409 - Granada -18
150409 - Granada -24
so not dressed for hiking, and my brightest fake smile before crossing this dangerous bridge.
Tom: its not dangerous, it says upto 4 persons are allowed at one time and we are only 2.
Me: EXACTLY my point!!! ONLY 4 persons allowed!!! means we are already halfway!!! DUH

150409 - Granada -29150409 - Granada -27150409 - Granada -28
We ate at a tapas place that was not great except for their zucchini and mini burgers.
These mini burgers had a super cute fried egg – just like at home!!!
I told the waiter – these fried eggs are awesome – just like how my parents would make it.
Why don’t you make them bigger??
He replied: its not possibel to make them bigger, you need the oil around the whites!!
Hhaha!!!  I told him get a WOK!!!!  Smile


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