Happy Birthday Tom

I literally HATE it when you are away on a trip, but the irony is, i usually update our online “scrapbook” during these trips.

This year Tom turned 31.  31.  31!!!  Sounds so big and adult.  31 years ago you came into this world in a big city in China.  and from there you came to Belgium.  And then you almost went to America.  Thank goodness you didn’t so that you are who you are today, and i got to meet you.  I feel so, so so so lucky to have you, to call you mine.  31 and you are still a boy who just wants to eat burger and go biking and wears the same sweater for a week until I force you not to.  31 and you are also the most amazing man and husband.  You can spark a passion in yourself no matter your working in food or lighting or flooring.  how different are these things,  yet you can just IMMERSE yourself in whatever you do.  Although you have been cheated badly by so called friends, yet you are STILL so vulnerable and always believing in the goodness of people.  ALWAYS.  31 and brimming with dreams…  dreams we know now yet how to go there.  31 and i’ve had the joy and honour of meeting you 10 years ago at 21.  Happy 31 my love.

We didn’t do anything big this year – a slow quiet and cosy birthday weekend.   I remember we went to cool bun on friday for the yummiest burgers, but couldn’t find those pictures.  Over the weekend, the european Parliament was open for tourists for free and Tom insisted to go even though i was no interested.  It was impressive, but it was also scary to think how much of our tax money was going to this.  And this was JUST the parliament – there was still the Commission and other organization in Brussels.   To a layman like me, it just somehow seemed inefficient.  Each country has their own government and then you have a super large government for EU.

150511 - Toms Bday -1
150511 - Toms Bday -2
150511 - Toms Bday -4150511 - Toms Bday -3

On Sunday we visited DERBY!  Such a cute little town and we had picnic by the river, just opposite this fancy hotel.

150511 - Toms Bday -5
150511 - Toms Bday -6150511 - Toms Bday -7
150511 - Toms Bday -9150511 - Toms Bday -10
150511 - Toms Bday -15
and then Tom showed off Belgian country side to me.

150511 - Toms Bday -14150511 - Toms Bday -17
it almost felt like we were in France!  almost.

150511 - Toms Bday -23

The Actual Day!!!!  We had a big surprise party last year, and although everythign was simple – it was sooo cosy and soo US.  FINALLY got a placed booked at Il Monticello!!!  Sadly their pizza was disappointing but their flank stead was AMAZINNNNNNNGGGG.   ANd those FRIED POLENTA!!!  NEver had polenta this good!

150511 - Toms Bday -31150511 - Toms Bday -27
150511 - Toms Bday -28150511 - Toms Bday -29
forgot to mention this 16 euros asparagus starter!!!
OH MYGOODNESS.  Cooked to the right degree of texture and warmth.
It was also my first time to eat WILD asparagus.

150511 - Toms Bday -30
150511 - Toms Bday -33150511 - Toms Bday -34
i couldn’t choose.  i love each of these photos because each one is just a wee bit different.
i can’t remember why youwere laughign like that . 

150511 - Toms Bday -36150511 - Toms Bday -35
happy birthday again love. 


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