Aguille du Midi

On a 3 day weekend in May, we decided quite last minute (as usual) to take a looooong (almost 9!) hours drive to visit the famous Aguille du Midi.  We left on friday, stayed overnight I think in Nancy, and then reached Geneva in the afternoon on Saturday.  We walked around the city a bit, but for some reason I was not into it.  Mostly because we passed by a lot of main streets in downtown that looked very…dodgy.  And the main attraction – the FOUNTAIN – was off!  Anyways, we did visit a random beautiful hotel lobby, the most charming lobby I’ve ever seen.

From there, the next day we visited the Aguille du Midi.  If someone told me before that I would be one day viewing the Mont Blanc in person – I would have laughed.  And here we were on this day, 3900 feet above ground.  With a completely breathtaking sight of the mountain ranges and the famous Mont Blanc.  The feeling was so overwhelming.  Literally on the top of the world.  I never imagined I would see nature like this in real life.  Over TV and magazines, yes.  But in person, in real life?  I know I say this a lot, but it’s because its true.   Things like these – I never dreamed of them.  Perhaps because I didn’t dare to.  I didn’t know there was to dream of.   Tom was SOOOOO excited to take me ….he said I’d love it.  And I was not sure.  I didn’t know what kind of view or sight he was taking me to.

And suddenly we were up there.  And I was speechless.  And I loved it.  I felt so fortunate, blessed.  That even though I was not a courageous mountaineer, somehow, I could on this day experience this sight.  If you are ever passing by this place – you must go.  But it needs to be a clear day, else it would be all foggy and you wouldn’t see anything.  We were sooo lucky that it was a clear day, but Tom told me he did check before leaving Belgium that the weather would be clear.  From here you can take 2 other cable cars and  go to a point where you can see three countries at the same time – Italy, France, Switzerland.  But those cable cars were closed (not yet in season), and the glass platform was also closed.

We were lucky – it was not peak season so it was not super crowded although still crowded.   And the cable card had JUST opened as they are usually closed in the off season.

a really pretty lobby of a beautiful hotel in downtown (don’t remember which one)

most charming fireplace I’ve seen.
with 2 chinese paintings on either side tooI

In the evening we stayed at a small town near Aguille du Midi at a nice Ibis hotel (Ibis Sallanches) with a view of the mountains.  Tom looked up a little french restaurant, and for less than 2x euros per person, we had a really lovely french dinner.  SOOOO goood.  It was called La Petite Cour.

the BEST cocotte I’ve ever eaten!!! it was soooo cheesy yet still light!
and a stew where all the meat was cooked to perfection.

veal stew here…yumm…. I loved that it was a clear gravy.

The next day, we drove to Chamonix, just 20 minutes away.  The cable car is not cheap at about 57 euros, but if you add 2 euros you also get the train to go up a hilltop town to see a glacier.

the most spectacular cable car ride.  honestly, that they built all this there is already amazing too.  

3900 feet above sea level

BREATHTAKING.  left us speechless.

and the views from above!
it reminded me of the view from halstatt.
and the moment when little foot finally reaches The Great Valley! in The Land Before Time.

this man-made bridge is an engineering marvel to me.
the entire construction on this view point is brilliant.

  1. 150524-Alps-39
    see those 3 mountaineers!

    see that one mountaineer on the top?  walking back towards the building?

    do you spot the mountaineers?

    just blue and white.  nothing and everything.  nowhere and everywhere.

    craazyyyyyy.  They sleep overnight in the mountains.  in a wooden cabin.  about 40 persons in 1 wooden room.

    now THIS is the highest bar in the world!

  2. 150524-Alps-94
    the view descending from the cable car.

    little chamonix.

    the part that is still white – that is where the waters used to be upto – and now its all dried up.

    we entered a random restaurant for fondue – fondue wasn’t that great.
    and the place was FULL of tourists – all the restaurants I mean.
    made me wish we had gone back to the little restaurant for a good french dinner instead.

    Tom booked us at a luxury hotel in town – with a view – and a michelin star restaurant.
    Unfortunately we were too late to book at the restaurant – amazing deal they had for lunch.



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