Brussels, Belgium: Restaurant Café de Spores

Café des Spores:

I’ve been wanting to try this restaurant for a while – just 10 minutes from our home.  It means Café of Mushrooms and both of us just love mushrooms.  The setting and environment is very classic and old school, I wish I had taken more pictures.  And the food – for me it wasn’t strong enough as a “mushroom” place, but instead as a super good café for hearty beautifully cooked food.  We both took different 3 courses, it was about 30 euros.  And given the price, quality and ambience, quite a great deal for Brussels.  Now that we are in Shanghai, this is even a better deal as for sure we won’t get this anywhere in Shanghai for just 210 RMB! If you are in Brussels, do make a stop at this place! Smile

151222- Christmas -32151222- Christmas -33
151222- Christmas -34151222- Christmas -38
the “taste bud” opener on the left was a kind of humus.
Left was a salmon starter – it was very finely cooked, very simple and yummy.
The only thing is that the little white mushrooms are just cooked separately and so the salmon itself doesn’t taste of any mushroom.
In fact, all the dishes, the mushrooms were more like a “side” or garnish, not the main flavour.
This is the reason why I don’t consider it a mushroom place, but a super yummy café.
151222- Christmas -37
T’s starter – medley of mushrooms

151222- Christmas -39
I choose a fish dish – it was again flaky, beautifully cooked to the right amount !
151222- Christmas -40
Tom’s starter –  was A M A Z I N G.  This pork belly was slowly cooked for hours – until the right degree.
It just MELTED in your mouth!!!  oooh I just looooved this dish.  Sooo beautifully cooked.

151222- Christmas -42151222- Christmas -36
151222- Christmas -43
a MUSHROOM cheese cake – the one item that was quite full of mushroom – but I didn’t like it Sad smile
151222- Christmas -44
and poached pear with cream and of course – mushrooms.

Would we come back ?  Absolutely.   Not for the mushrooms, but for beautifully cooked innovative food.
Especially that pork belly.


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