2015 Xmas & NY

Our 3rd Christmas in Belgium.  We had one round of celebrations with the family and one round with friends.  Good times, good memories.
I love the European summer, and now I realize I also love the european winter, the xmas markets, the twinkling lights, the cosy home parties.

151219- Christmas -28151219- Christmas -29
151219- Christmas -2
151219- Christmas -6151219- Christmas -31
151224- Christmas -45151224- Christmas -53
151224- Christmas -50
cooking up a storm…
151224- Christmas -48151224- Christmas -49151224- Christmas -51
Delicious home-made appetizers: goatcheese stuffed mushrooms, Melon wrapped with Parma Ham, Roasted bacon-wrapped avocado
151224- Christmas -54151225- Christmas -55
Asparagus crab soup, and lettuce wrap
151225- Christmas -57151225- Christmas -56151225- Christmas -58
shrimp-peas curry and palak (spinach) channa and chocolate lavacake with some kind of mouse cake.

151225- Christmas -59
160101- Christmas -62


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