The Sloans in Shanghai

It is always an honour and a very touching thing when someone comes just to visit you.  And that too from another country, another continent.

Aline, we have been friends since we were 20 something!  Although the semester we met, we saw each other only a few times, somehow we managed to keep in touch.  And unlike most long distance friendships, i felt closer over the years.  I could never thank you enough for being there.  forgive me for the times when I couldn’t be there (or didn’t know how to be there!).  Nevertheless, through it, we have both learnt and grown so much and I’m so honoured and happy to have you as my friend!  So glad we got to have this time in Shanghai…and it passed oh too soon.  Wishing you a beautiful new life in the new country and to chasing dreams.

Until we meet again.




  1. Thank you Lily For the pictures, for the time, for hosting us and for the good wishes. Many happy returns to you! Love Aline

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