Visiting the Hoefmans in Hangzhou

This time around we stayed overnight at the Hoefmans after we missed the train the last time!  It was H.O.T.  But the West Lake is sooooo pretty. SO MUCH GREEN.  and so much EFFORT put in to maintain the greenery.  And we saw mini little electric smart cars that you can rent on an hourly rate in the city!  What a cool concept!!!  So if you don’t have a car you can just rent one of these, and then park and return it back at any of the dedicated parking spots!

I lost the picture from the first trip to Hangzhou, but this time round, we have these to remember by.


160611-hangzhou-36160611-hangzhou-35160611-hangzhou-33160611-hangzhou-30160611-hangzhou-27 160611-hangzhou-25160611-hangzhou-23160611-hangzhou-22 160610-hangzhou-13

I just love this image of Ferasse running down the winding road in the midst of gigantic tall trees.  How carefree and happy it feels!

160610-hangzhou-16 160611-hangzhou-18160611-hangzhou-21160611-hangzhou-19 160611-hangzhou-45160611-hangzhou-32160610-hangzhou-15160610-hangzhou-14160610-hangzhou-11160610-hangzhou-5160610-hangzhou-10160610-hangzhou-4 160610-hangzhou-2


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