Sichuan: Jiu Zhai Gou

A trip of a LIFETIME.

So my job fell through, and since we had nowhere to be in Christmas , AND Tom had holidays he had to use up, we decided last minute on a trip to Sichuan province.  The journey was long: over 3 hours to Chengdu, then we transferred to a domestic flight to Jiu Zhai Gou.  It was a tiny airport, and we got to sit on the front seat of a tiny mini bus.  Half-way through, because of the slippery roads, we changed to taxi – and ended up sharing the taxi with a REALLY nice young couple from Australia.  I mean, super sweet  and nice!

The taxi drive was also super nice.  we made a deal with him that he would pick us up from our hotels and take us to the park.  Then the next day, he would be with us all day to drive us to Huang Long and then to the airport for only about 500 RMB.  And then we still split the cost with the Nancy and Hanchhow (I think that’s the spelling) so it was great.

I really didn’t know what to expect.  Hmm, let’s rephrase that, I really did not expect it to be THIS beautiful and STUNNING.  We were lucky that the winter was not super cold and it was not snow everywhere.   I think there might have been just about 50-100 tourists in the ENTIRE park!!!!  Plus the park ticket was about half price due to low season!   The downside is that since the sun sets very early, we had to get up early and start the day early at 8 am (ugh!).   But the park was so empty – we never had to queue or wait for anything.  And although it was like  6 degrees, the SUN was OUT!!!! at least till around noon it was nice and sunny.  We ended up hanging out with Nancy and Hanchow the entire day – that’s how nice they were that they could put up with my endless picture taking,  and lazy slow walking!!!  And they were okay to also skip lunch to make the most of the day! Smile  Honestly, I think one of the best part of this holiday was meeting these two very young people so gentle and kindred in spirit, and yet so adventurous and mature.

Oh also, we LOVED our hotel for only 200 RMB we had a beautiful brand new room with great heating and a breakfast that could fill you for the WHOLE day – perks of travelling low season!  so glad we did this in winter.

Oh and I learned I sooooo need to improve travel and scenic photography.  I struggled with the sun, the backlight, the uneven shadow and no-shadow lighting ….  Great learning experience.



The security guard recommended this restaurant and we LOVED it.   I love this vegetable Suan Tai.
And this POTATO DISH!!!! Oh MY GOODNESS>  it tasted like an indian Alu Choka but a LOT more flavourful.
Love it so much, cos seldom see potato in Chinese cuisine, and cooked in such a falvourful way.
Want to try to find a recipe or make it.


The famous pearl waterfalls was just BREATHTAKING.   no words to describe.

But more amazing was that the park built these wooden walkways right in front of it, and ALONG it,
so you could walk ALONGside the waterfall.


the deck…and the waterfall looking small from a distance.


oh that reflection…


You could count every log and pebble in the water despite the 25m depth!
How could water be this clear? and cALM/?
The reflection of the mountain in the water was like out of a movie.



We thought we were crossing off a place that is not kid friendly.
We were so wrong!! the place was SO kid-friendly!!!
They made these wooden walkways EVERYwhere
There were 2-year olds just running around.
And even smaller children on strollers!



How cute are these two!

Over 100 metres of waterfall, and you can walk literally next to it.

looks like it could be yosemite national park!?



so clear even living organisms couldn’t survive! 


this was already their second (or thrid?) big asia trip!
Find it so fascinating that they grow up in Australia, a developed country,but have an interest
to discover asia.  



And thanks to Nancy we have some amazing pics together!!!!
Oh baby, I never even imagined I could visit a place THIS beautiful and have someone like you to share it with.
Feel so blessed. 

It felt like there was the lost world of Atlantis under the water.
It was such a stunning turquoise blue. 













Dinner with the Ozzies!! This way we also got to share and eat a LOT more different stuffs! Smile 





Keep in touch and I’m sure someday we’ll meet again!


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