Summer in Toronto: Day 1, We’re in Toronto!

My first time here after 8 years and Tom’s very first time in this part of the world.  We exited the airport and heard Sei shout my name!!! Soooo coool!!!  So lovely to  Sei and Tin Lok at the airport, and from there we went back to Tai & Keith’s beautiful home… where we were greeted by this cutest little munchkin…

130803 Toronto - 1

I could never forget this first time meeting with baby Allison.  The four of us sat opposite her – Sei, Tin Lok, Tom and I.    But her eyes kept darting back and fort between Tom and I!!! Literally darting continuously!!  few seconds on me then to Tom and then back and it went on!!!  Soooo darn cute.  She must have been so confused what these two strangers were doing in her home!

And the PIZZAs!!!! Hahhaha….. the ironic thing is,…. for the past few times we’ve eaten pizzas in Belgium – I felt immediately uncomfortable in the stomach.  Something about the dough, the yeast,… I could not digest it.  (although I never had this problem eating pizzas in HK, I think the dough there is lighter).  But THIS time – TOM had some difficulty digesting them….specially after the change in environment, water etc… and his being first time on North American soil… hehehe

Afterwards, we went to AhQ’s place where it was a full house… a reunion… everyone was there… soo cosy..

130803 Toronto - 17
SO GOOD to see AhKung and AhBho again!

130803 Toronto - 15
食大餐 !
QMei had prepared this huge FEAST!!!  Soo good to eat an awesome home-made meal!!
(my “home-made” meals don’t count cos they’re sooo in the making ;()

130803 Toronto - 8130803 Toronto - 9
Home-made White Cut Chicken!!!! YUMMMMMm soooo gooood
And ROAST PORK!!!!!!!

130803 Toronto - 5130803 Toronto - 13
My eyes widened when I saw these chicken wings!!!
I vividly remember QMei’s chicken wings from the first time we visited Canada back in 2000!! No kidding!!
They were like the perfect fusion of western and indian.
SOOOOOO delicious!
This time I took the recipe from QMei… and perhaps one of these days I’m gonna try making them…

130803 Toronto - 11130803 Toronto - 12
What a refreshing mango and cucumber salad.  Awesome combination. Gonna try it sometime.
And MAKKE!!!!  Not eaten this veggie in AGES!

130803 Toronto - 10
And of course…the all-time Chinese favourite – simple s teamed fish!

130803 Toronto - 32130803 Toronto - 31
And you round the meal with a warm Hakka-Indian soup with “Pottor” , indian melon mom got from the indian store
and cold juicy watermelon

130803 Toronto - 16130803 Toronto - 20
130803 Toronto - 24
130803 Toronto - 25130803 Toronto - 26
130803 Toronto - 28
130803 Toronto - 29
Missing those smooth chubby cheeks



  1. Katherine Liao

    Hi Lily,
    I have viewed your wonderful photos and blog on 2013 Summer in Toronto. A warm touching yet sad feeling on the memorable moments that departed.

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